Our coffee.

Our coffee is for working people who are NOT dynamic, proactive or self-motivated and get annoyed by office jargon like ‘let’s touch base offline’, ‘impact and purpose’ or ‘you’re on my strategic radar’. We believe work is not a cult and you don't have to be friends with everyone but a little plunge goes a long way and coming together over coffee is an important way to connect, support and relax with colleagues. Future Coffee is a group of Melbourne coffee makers committed to using the ritual of brewing coffee together to help improve employee engagement. Our coffee is a smooth delicious coffee perfect for coffee machines, or plungers.

The Plunge - episode one.

How Future Coffee works?

Only about 15% of people on this planet feel engaged in their jobs. We are on a mission to change this by encouraging people to pause their day and share a coffee with a colleague.

Launch a 30-day plunge.

Future Coffee is seeking teams to launch a 30-day plunge in their workplace. It is a fun office engagement activity that encourages your team to plunge away annoying office jargon and start a new conversation in the workplace kitchen.
Launch a 30-day plunge.

The proof is in the plunging.

The Plunger {French Press} is a simple, fun, hassle free way to brew coffee in your workplace and a few simple steps can help you make the perfect plunge.

Roasted in Melbourne, delivered across the world.

Our coffee is a smooth, ethically sourced blend from sustainable producers in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala. We roast our coffee locally in Melbourne and deliver to workplaces across the world.
Roasted in Melbourne, delivered across the world.

Office posters & staff event ideas.

Need help to take the plunge? Bringing the team together? We invite you to use any of our posters or event ideas to help your team start plunging away.