A crew that brews together, cruise together.

We are a group of Melbourne coffee makers committed to making it easy to share quality coffee in your workplace. FUTURE COFFEE encourages you to pause your day and share a coffee with a colleague.

The proof is in the plunging.

For many office workers (89%), a good cup of coffee can make their entire workday better. The majority (85%) also say having coffee with a client or colleague can be a great way to build relationships.
The researchers found that the more cohesive the team, the better it performed. Cohesion was best accomplished during breaks, which is when team members had the most opportunity to speak with each other.
What might seem like a tiny change in an organisation's culture, like enforcing team coffee breaks, can make a huge difference to workplace creativity.

Ideas to help bring people together.

We believe a little plunge goes a long way and coming together over coffee is an important way to connect, support and relax with colleagues. To help bring people together we share ideas from other workplaces and invite you to adopt an idea at your place!