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Future Coffee is currently seeking Team Plungers to disrupt their workplace with some old technology.

We are seeking individuals who are NOT dynamic, proactive or self-motivated.  No plunging experience is preferred and people who use phrases such as ‘let’s touch base offline’, ‘impact and purpose’ or ‘you’re on my strategic radar’ need not apply.

The focus of this position is to:

  • Plunge away annoying office jargon and start a new conversation in the workplace kitchen.
  • Identify more people are actively disengaged than actively engaged in their workplace (only about 15% of workers on this planet feel engaged in their jobs) so a little plunge can go a long way.
  • Acknowledge that work is not a cult and you do not have to be friends with everyone.
  • Promote the idea that everyone deserves a little plunge and space to connect, support and relax together.

We believe a plunge a day keeps HR away so a key outcome of the role will be fostering daily plunges among your team. You will be required to ‘plunge it forward’ and track your plunges so we can find out your Key Plunging Indicator (KPI’s).

To become a 30-day Team Plunger register your top three annoying management phrases along with your plunging strategy in the contact form below or email info@futurecoffee.com.

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