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Our Pass the Plunger 30-day plunge is a fun employee experience activity your team will love.

The focus of the 30-day plunge is to:

  • Plunge away annoying office jargon and start a new conversation in the workplace kitchen.
  • Promote the idea that everyone deserves a little plunge and space to connect, support and relax together.


The Pass the Plunger 30-day plunge is easy! Take the plunge with a colleague then pass the plunger along so everyone in your team can join in. You can also track your plunges along the way and at the end of the 30-days discover your Key Plunging Indicator (KPI’s).

Please use any of the resources below to help your team take the 30-day plunge!

Download 30-day plunge
Activity postcard HERE
Scorecard to tally plunges HERE
Office poster set HERE