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Welcome to Future Coffee - we help workplaces encourage small talk.

We are a group of Melbourne coffee makers committed to using the ritual of brewing coffee together to encourage workplace small talk. We believe a little small talk makes a big impact on workplace relationships and coming together over coffee is a fun way to connect, support and relax with colleagues.

Future Coffee encourages you to pause your day and share a coffee with a colleague.

Our workplace blend is a smooth, ethically sourced blend from sustainable producers in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala and perfect for coffee machines, or plungers.


Our Story

Future Coffee was founded by James Murphy and is an O+ Project.  James is an entrepreneurial social worker that helps people connect with their community.

James owns KereKere Green, a Melbourne coffee shop in the business of enriching communities through coffee and has refined the Future Coffee blend over the last 10 years. 

James founded Future Coffee in 2018 as a simple way to celebrate the workplace community by helping people build trust and strengthen relationships at work.   

You can email James at james@oswaldandco.com 

James in action at KereKere, an O+ Project