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Welcome to Future Coffee - let's plunge it forward.

We are a group of Melbourne coffee makers committed to using the ritual of brewing plunger {french press} coffee to foster a ripple of coffee kindness amongst your team. We believe a plunge a day keeps HR away and everyone deserves a little plunge to connect, support and relax together. 

 Our coffee is a smooth, ethically sourced blend from sustainable producers in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala. We have refined the blend over the last 10 years at our Melbourne coffee shop, KereKere Green. It is available at your place anywhere in the world both as whole beans and ground ready for plunger.

Future Coffee was founded by James Murphy and is an Oswald + Co idea.  James is an entrepreneurial social worker who brings together his passion for community wellbeing, generosity and quality living. Future Coffee is his way of encouraging people at work to pause their day, take time out and foster giving circles amongst colleagues. 

You can email James at james@oswaldandco.com

James in action at KereKere, an O+ Project